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About BCI in East Lansing, MI

BCI, located just outside of East Lansing, MI, has not only partnered with Michigan State on some of their most noteworthy projects such as the Broad Art Museum, Facility for Rare Isotopes (FRIB), Bio Engineering Facility, Grand Rapids Research Center, Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Building (ISTB) and most recently the STEM facility.  Most of these projects were a Design Assist to GMP contract arrangement.  The Business College Expansion was another high profile project which was doing using the IPD delivery system.  BCI is also pleased to have partnered with the historic Michigan Capitol Building on their major MEP improvement project.

Welcome to BCI Controls: Your Building Control Integration Experts in East Lansing, Michigan


At BCI Controls, we are the forefront leaders in innovative building control integrations in East Lansing, Michigan. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies to optimize and automate your building’s systems, ensuring efficiency, comfort, and sustainability.


Elevate Your Building’s Performance


Empower your facility with next-generation building controls tailored to your unique requirements. Our team at BCI Controls combines industry-leading expertise with a comprehensive understanding of East Lansing’s environmental needs to deliver solutions that enhance operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption. From HVAC systems to lighting and security, our integrations bring harmony to your building’s functions, resulting in superior performance and cost savings.


Partnering for Smarter Buildings


BCI Controls prides itself on fostering collaborative partnerships in East Lansing. We work closely with architects, engineers, and facility managers, offering customized solutions to meet your building’s specific needs. Our commitment extends beyond installations; we provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your integrated systems operate optimally, enhancing your building’s performance while aligning with your sustainability goals.

Our Services Include:


  • Comprehensive System Integrations: Tailored solutions merging various building systems for enhanced performance.
  • Energy Management Solutions: Optimize energy consumption for cost-effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Smart Building Automation: Seamless automation for improved comfort and efficiency.
  • Responsive Maintenance: Proactive support to keep your systems running smoothly.

Experience the transformative power of integrated building controls with BCI Controls in East Lansing, Michigan. Let us help you create smarter, more efficient, and sustainable buildings that set new standards in functionality and comfort.

Building Control Integrators

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