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Total Room Integration

HVAC, Lighting, Shades, Access, AudioVisual

The Red-5 room control system is a native BACnet® platform for controlling all aspects of a room—including HVAC, lighting, blinds, access/security, and even audiovisual equipment—via a single-point controller. The system’s modular design offers expandable I/O, eases servicing, and reduces the cost of future upgrades.


Modular. Expandable. Flexible.

The enteliBUS Control System is a powerful, fully programmable BACnet controller that features modular, expandable I/O. enteliBUS has hot-swappable I/O modules for fast and easy installation. With HAO switches, save your equipment from short cycling and make troubleshooting a breeze. Use enteliBUS as a BACnet router or join multiple network segments.


Cloud Based Building Management System Service

enteliCLOUD is a cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) that securely acquires, transfers, and stores your building automation system data to improve organization, management and savings.

With enteliCLOUD, you can monitor, operate and control your portfolio buildings across geographies with your computer or smart device.


Building Facility & Energy Software

Manage your facilities from anywhere. Use enteliWEB to centralize your building management operation and collect real-time data about energy use in your facilities. Take action with easy-to-use facility management tools and customizable dashboards for all users. With enteliWEB, the power of your smart building is at your fingertips.

O3 Sense and Edge

Delta Controls’ award-winning O3 Edge standalone multisensor uses industry-leading sensor fusion technology to deliver the most accurate view of an interior space available on the market. Integrating temperature, humidity, motion, sound, occupant estimation and light sensing in a single device, the O3 Edge uses machine learning to provide fast,
accurate feedback on the monitored space.

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